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Kan jouw kind een genie zijn?

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Most of us believe that geniuses are a very rare breed and only a few children are born with that potential. Not according to the Raghavans! “Many children have the potential of developing genius,” according to them. “Every child has far more potential than comes to the surface under normal circumstances. The secret is to create conditions that enable the child to discover and express their full potential.”
“Young children have an incredible capacity for learning,” says Aruna Raghavan. “They can learn to read multiple languages with ease at a very young age, even before entering school. They can imbibe a wide range of general knowledge just as a form of recreation.” Her husband Raghavan adds, “Children can learn at least twice as fast as they normally do in traditional schools without homework, cramming or strain of any type. Learning can be fun for the kids and a way for parents to relate to them positively.”

The birth of their daughter, Niru, made them search for new methods. They stumbled on the techniques developed by Dr Glenn Doman in the USA, combined them with ideas on education taught by The Mother of Sri Aurobindo Ashram, and found they worked miraculously with their own child, who began reading voraciously and learning on her own at a very young age.

Doman concluded that the first six years of life are a time when children learn naturally, spontaneously, effortlessly and joyously - as a form of play - and that the more opportunities the child has for learning during this period, the more rapidly he learns and the greater his capacities for learning. The younger the child, the greater the capacity to learn. Every child's natural ability to learn far exceeds what we are tapping, because of the deficiency in our teaching methods. Our present educational methods tap and develop only a very small portion (at best 5%) of human capacity. Each child is a potential genius, with unique capacities. The system should be capable of recognizing this and drawing it out. The programmes are propagated to begin with three week babies and go on till the child is five years. By then, the child was well into reading books beyond his level. But it is understood that the figures may vary.

The Raghavans are not just talking through their hats. They are working practically applying advanced methods of early childhood education to help normal children develop their fully innate potential. Aruna and her husband first became interested in early childhood education in the late 1980s while living in Mumbai. She was a secondary school teacher. He was a Chartered Accountant with a highly successful computer software consulting business.

Eight years ago the Raghavans left Mumbai to set up their own school at Arasavanangkadu village near Tiruvarur, Tamil Nadu. Three years ago Aruna guided the launch of Primrose School in Pondicherry and several others since then. All the schools are applying the same basic approach. “The methods we apply in our schools enable even average children to perform way above average, to acquire self-confidence and individuality.”



Articles by Aruna Raghavan
Correspondent, Primrose School, Pondicherry
Correspondent, Shikshayatan School, Arasavanangkadu, Tamil Nadu


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